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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blood Clot in my Arm

Had my wisdom teeth out in mid February and if you saw my posting on facebook about my arm being sore and bruised all the way almost to my elbow from Sedation IV. It stayed bruise for three weeks and my arm a little sore. The soreness was still there after 30 day and my lung has had pain in it. I went to the doctor Friday and found out I have Phlebitis in my arm, blood clot, yep. 

It's my right arm and it was no wonder how they gave me that IV, I had never had someone in such a rush and be so rough working with needles. I even told the man should it burn so bad when he gave me the IV, and woke up from my surgery I complain with my arm to his nurse, she said add heat. 

I know I should have went to the doctor quicker but, I been back and forth with my mom to the hospital and doctors. She will be having surgery, her artery is blocked in her leg.


BethElderton said...

Wow--take care!

d schmidt said...

How dreadful, that sounds so very painful. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I am also one of those people that take cares of others and neglects my own health. I hope your mother recovers quickly as well.

Keely said...

Wow, that is so wrong. It's so hard to get good medical attention anymore. My kids have had many medical issues this past year and we felt many times rushed through things and not really heard. No quality time in the medical world anymore. Hope everything works out for you.