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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Platypus Face for a couple days..

As I was preparing for the surgery for my wisdom teeth. Set for Monday morning, surgeon cancelled on me due to the weather and I was half way there. Finally got it done Tuesday. 

People lined up in the chairs and beds. Doctor goes to work and their legs go to jumping up and down is what my husband saw. If I saw that I would have really freaked out. Wonder if my legs jumped around too. My face is so swollen it's not funny and my jaw bone is hurting with big knots on them. Maybe the antibiotics are working and pain pills are helping.

Had soup for me to eat, I found I could only handle the broth the first day and sausage gravy biscuit and mash potatoes for day 2, soft foods the past 3 days. School also cancelled on us most of the week with the weather too. 

I've been a platypus face for a couple of days, so it feels, and barely able to float up and down our dirt roads with all the rain. 


VickieC said...

Bless your heart,I know that it has to be awful,,I just had a tooth pulled last year an the it took drysocket an got infected,it was a nightmare,no one knows how much pain that can be,ill be praying for you sweetie

jamie braun said...

poor things. i remember having my wisdom teeth pulled. its no fun! dealing with the kids with teeth pain is even worse!