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Friday, September 10, 2010

BAN Screaming Children- Did you see this?

A sign at the restaurant in North Carolina, says "Screaming Will Not Be Tolerated." Wow, I'm reading this at Shine from Yahoo and watched the video on Today Show thinking a not so nice 5 letter word for the women. Perhaps the sign should read we do not serve to people under 18. It does sound nicer. Let me know your thoughts?


Cari said...

I had a big conversation about this yesterday. First of all - they aren't banning children, or even kicking them out. Parents are simply asked to take their child outside while he/she cool off.

Secondly, it's a privately owned business - they can do as they please. Frankly, it would be really nice to go out to dinner and know that there won't be screaming children. When we go out to eat and my daughter starts throwing a fit (which is rare, but has happened) we go outside. If she still doesn't quit - we get to-go boxes and leave.

I think it's rude to make other patrons sit and listen to your screaming kid. "you" as in any parent.

They said they have had a large boost in business since the sign went up - and I believe it.

The only reason the sign was put up in the first place was because in situations like this - they would approach the parents and ask them to take the child outside to calm down, and they encountered several problems with people ignoring their request.

If those parents had any ounce of respect for anyone other than themselves, the sign wouldn't even have been necessary.

Life Is A SandCastle said...

I agree about the respect for others and going outside. Some people don't respect others as they talk on phones and children screaming. I think there would be a more nice way to phase it.

Maybe "Anyone causing a scence, will not be tolerated."

Not just targeting children.

Inheritance Advice said...

It was fairly confrontational a stance to take. But a business has some sort of right to select its customers.

Unknown said...

I don't like it. At all. My kids behave themselves when we go out, but everyone is paying to be there. We might be able to ask our kids to calm down, but we can't always control what they do!

If people don't want to hear screaming kids, they can stay home.Lucky it isn't in my city, because I would go there and let my kids be as loud as they want!

Cari said...

@ Misfit Momma - I don't understand that entitlement attitude that you seem to possess.

So, the world just stops because you have children? That kind of attitude is not fair - and frankly, it's disgusting.