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Monday, September 6, 2010

A change, a end, a new

A change of season brings excitement but, can also be sad. I look forward to some cooler temperatures. I can't wait to do some fall yard work, let the kids decorate for Halloween, and attend some fall festivals. It's sad to know summer is fading away and we will miss our beach trips and time in the pool.

This weekend we tried to pack alot of activities in. We gathered up baby stuff and sold at the yard sale. Yes that was sad, I had to say bye to my children being babies. We grilled and my son associated grilling with putting the tent up. He kept asking aren't we putting the tent up? We went fishing with our boat and my oldest son had lots of fun there. The smallest one enjoyed stroller rides with his nanna. We also made pear tarts and they were good.

I did the recipe to the best of my memory. I made my dough like biscuits with a little sugar in it and then used the rolling pin to thin them out. Adding my cooked pears in the center and used a fork to close the edges. Then fried them and my son sprinkled with sugar.


Anonymous said...

The weather has been horrible here all weekend, our trees are turning colors already, and this scares us! Is this winter going to be a long, cold one? Summer went to fast....we are not ready for the white stuff to come fluttering down.

Tish said...

We put up our tent this weekend as well, because my girls wanted to go "camping!" I'm so excited fall is almost here!! :)

Awnya Boam said...

Your pear tarts sound yummy! I'm totally drooling :o)

Colette S said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family.

It is usually hard to let go of the little things that are associated with our children.

I don't mind summer ending. It has been miserable weather here in LA. I love Spring and fall best.

Here's to new journeys for you.

Night Owl Mama said...

we've had the perfect weather here this weekend but it's an awful reminder that the dog days of summer are over and the hot weather is gone and cooler weather is on the way. I NEED HEAT and sunshine!