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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fishing Adventure 3/24/11

We had a great fishing adventure yesterday. The winds was strong, the boat was loud from my children, and we caught a few fish. The fun of the event is getting out with my family and teaching my kids the joys and pleasure of fishing. Fishing makes me feel free and happy. I love to see natures beauty and I love to see the smiles on my little faces.
You know sometimes someone has to fall out of the boat. My 20 month old son learned that this trip:) He kept playing with the boat paddle and leaned to far out of the boat. He cried for like 30 seconds and then was laughing again, trying to get back into the water. His older brother was seriously a nervous wreck, worried for his brother. He was all wet in the last picture, my poor baby.


Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

good thing he was wearing a life vest. i would be a nervous wreack too.