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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Juicer Intentions

For a while my husband and I have debated a juicer. Finally my son made the decision for us. After watching Curious George he said he want one of those thing so he could have his veggies and fruit in a cup to drink. All for healthier eating habits, we went to the store that day and bought one. I let him pick out fruits and vegetables to use.
We got home set it up and started adding veggies first. Carrots and a stalk of celery, small taste and he said "that's sour." That's what he says when he does not like something. Husband drank it and we proceed to make fruit drink this time. Apple, strawberry and banana, it tasted pretty good.

Thing about this juicer banana does not juice, it just build up in the juicer. If I watched the end of Curious George where the kids do experiments, I would have known that. I had to chop food to go through the slot, it actually took more time than I realized and more fruit & veggies to get juice. I know there are some juicers that take the food larger. Well at least my son gets a kick out of it.

Adding stuff to it was my son favorite thing. I had a hard time getting him to drink much. $29.00 cost for the Black and Decker Juicer at local Wal Mart, not bad. If I was to make more juice I wouldn't mind if it could handle larger fruit pieces, but it's cool for us.

Disclosure: Just sharing our family experience.


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted a juicer, but just throw everything into a blender. I'm really interested in making a juice like V8 though.

J. 76 said...

If you decide to upgrade to a bigger unit, I would highly recommend doing it!

We got a Jack LaLanne juicer for Christmas a few years ago and LOVE it. Like you said, it won't juice bananas (or avocados, just in case you get a craving), but I love it. You can put in whole fruits like apples and carrots (but I can't bring myself to not take the seeds out).

I'd have to say, I'd probably be less enamored if I didn't have a dishwasher, though.

PS--if you want fresh banana in the drink, grab out the blender and use the fresh juice to make a smoothie!