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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gnomes, Penguins & Ice Cream

We were laying in bed the other night and my son usually talks me to sleep. He said, "I'm scared of them "YUMS." I ask what? Trying to figure out what it was. He says, " you know they come draw on your porch." Still no idea, I guessed it "Gnome."

My son is scared of Gnomes. Why I asked?

They are alive, they sneak in your house, they are mean, bite your arm for a bone to gnaw on. My son can come up with all kinds of things. He recently asked if Ice Cream comes from Penguins, because they live where it is cold.

So he is looking at this picture and says see it has bones in the bag.


Barbara said...

A little bit funny, but it's also scary that he's afraid of gnomes! I guess that you won't be able to go through a garden shop or the outdoor ornaments section at Lowes or Walmart!