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Monday, July 30, 2012


A trip to the dentist should not bring on such fear for a child. My son started crying his stomach hurting and hung over the toilet. Then holding bucket fighting back vomit. He went from being perfectly fine to deathly ill. I know how he is when he is sick and he was truly sick. SICK WITH FEAR! Finally, I called and cancelled his appointment and almost instantly his symptoms begin to fade.

He knew it's not the same dentist that scared him long ago. He's let them clean his teeth when he thought I was in the room. Next trip he would not let them fill a tooth and then today. I just don't know, breaks my heart.

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That's Life said...

Aww poor little guy! It's hard to see them so frighten. I hope he is able to go and have a positive experience.

Janet W. said...

Aww breaks my heart to know a child is so scared! Nobody really likes going to the dentist.