Life is like a sandcastle something beautiful here for awhile & then gone, but the impression it makes on others can last forever.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shots are like a trip to the Fair

My youngest needed one shot to be up to date. They pricked his finger and tried to divert his attention to a sticker but, he wanted to see the blood. He is in to gross & blood things. His hemoglobin was a little low so we are going back in a couple months to check on that until then more leafy greens, mean, and a kids vitamin. All other checks were great.
He was playing with my camera while the nurse gave him the shot. No tears, no fuss, he did excellent. The nurse told the other one going out this little one didn't even cry. He was told to get 2 toys from the treasure box one for him and one for his brother. He ran out telling everyone I got a shot like it was a trip to the fair smiling and laughing :)