Life is like a sandcastle something beautiful here for awhile & then gone, but the impression it makes on others can last forever.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1 Month's Time - In Home Life

It's been a month since school started and thing have not calmed down here. My home is under construction and my mother in law has had a rough month. Where to start, well with school brings sickness both boys tonsils are swollen, ear infection, and coughing. Doctor did not test for Strep but, said probably had it too with looks of things. Just Friday, call from school emergency my son had wood chips in his eyes. A trip to the doctor and he is fine. The boys are enjoying school this year.

Speaking of sickness, I haven't mentioned much about my mother in law, for those that don't know she is on dialysis and has to go 3 times a week to her dialysis center. This month her ports went to failing very bad, she prone to having blood clots, she had 3 surgeries, and they finally got a good port. She also has a fractured spine to make transportation harder on her.

My house is a disaster zone, we are using one bathroom. A simple shower install went from a quick bathroom repair to a major bathroom remodel. Simple things up, the people who built my original bathroom are stupid with missing wall behind the shower and crappy plumbing. Several other things, well anyway we are replacing it all floors and walls included.