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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sore Hands

I sent my oldest son back to school today after getting the doctor and the school nurses approval. It been a rough week here with sick kids, and let me tell you adults can have it too. I got fever chills & throat blisters, no hand or feet blister. It knocked me down and my husband had to take over. The oldest got the sores on hands and feet worst than the little one. Both had them on their ears and in their throats. My 4 year had more fever than us. It's been a sick place around here with doctor visits and ER trip with Pharyngitis too.

That Hand Foot and Mouth disease is highly contagious. You can contact it long before symptoms appear, then the ugly symptoms rear their head and it's not pretty. Only thing I can suggest contestant hand washing and once you have it have fever meds. frequently.

Sending them back to school and afraid people would pick on his hands. Thank goodness, no one was ugly acting. 3 days after having and then 6 days pics. Kind of look like ant bites and they were sore he couldn't wear his button pants.