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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Child Illness Puss Filled Blisters & Fever - Hand, Foot, & Mouth

No I haven't been blogging lately, my son is sick. Two weeks ago they both had really sore throats and the baby had ear infection. They took their antibiotics and then Friday my oldest being having fever and they said his ear was now getting infection and gave his stronger antibiotics. He is doing better.

Saturday my 4yr. began to have fever 102. I gave him Motrin & took a shower and carried him straight to the ER. He is the kind of child if he gets a fever you run straight to a doc. cause you know it's going to be bad. 
He began vomiting, the fever dropped and then began rising up to 103.6. The doctor said he had Pharyngitis and they will run more tests. No strep, no flu, chest and stomach x-rays were good. White blood count high at 14,000. His heartbeat was extremely fast and they began fluids for dehydration. He was given anti nausea meds. His heartbeat got better with the more IV fluids and the lower fever. Then they released him at 4:30 am to my surprise.

All the next day fever and had him sipping drink all day. That night he went into an itching fit on his hand and feet. He had bumps popping up all on him. I take him to the doctor's office yesterday morning and find he has Hands, Foot, Mouth disease too. It will clear up on it's on, but my baby is not wanting to eat cause blisters in his mouth. he has blisters on his body mainly arms.
I didn't think this was very wide spread in US. It is I've heard or 3 other cases in our community before my son and the doctor said she has seen more cases. I also discovered more cases of it on google search. Watch out moms, I thought he might have had chickenpox. This is a real nasty contagious virus. He is doing better today and the fever is down.


April Yedinak said...

A lot of small children get this because they are always putting their hands in their mouth. My nephew had it really bad when he was about 2. The doctor recommended 100% cherry juice to help with the upset tummy and it worked. Hope he feels better soon.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Poor little guy! He's been through a lot. When my kids get sick, it's always serious and we end up in the hospital all day. I'm glad he's getting better!

Keely said...

My kids have not yet had this. Sorry your little guy had to go through that.

Anonymous said...

Oh my good I hope he is feeling better now this would scare me hope all is well.

momo said...

(Hands, Foot, Mouth disease) This is one disease that you really do not hear too much about anymore. It's been awhile since I've heard of a case. Hope the little guy is feeling much better by now.