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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You've Got My Address

Missing in action!! I've been on Jury Duty. Why do they make jury give their home address in front of the defendant? That totally shocked me. I guess your innocent until proved guilty, well then some are proved guilty... um something to think about. 

This was my first time ever being called and I was so confused and had no idea what to expect. Happy my aunt was called too, we got to spend breakfast & lunch together.

Basically I had to stand stating my name, address, job, husband name and job and if I had kids. It was a truly unique experience. Is that normal? I love giving my address to strangers, don't you?


mryjhnsn said...

ugh! I have been called to wait and never actually made it to the courtroom.

XmasDolly said...

That's me too wait wait wait wait and wait some more then they said go home to eat lunch and then you go back and they say it's over - thanks anyway! SHEESH