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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Act Your Size!

Sometime people look at my 3 year showing out and think he is older, wrong he is just big for his size. So mind your business he is acting his age..

Wearing size 5/6 clothing now, I believe my son will be tall. He always been big in size. I have tall people in my family and I got left out @ 5 Foot 1. My husband is 5 Foot 10 and has tall people in his family. I'm so jealous of tall people, until they hit their head.

I visited the Baby Center Child Height Predictor. According to the results my son will be 6 Foot 2. My cousin is 6 foot 5, so not so far fetch.

My other little one, he is pretty much right on track with sizes so, I'm not sure about him. Can't never tell he could pass his brother.


Cari said...

I have the same issue! My daughter just turned 2, and she is a string bean! Very tall, but thin. Based on her height, people always think she is older than she is.

The issue with clothing? Length wise, she is in 3T. Going around? She still fits into 24 months. LOL It's been a challenge, to say the least.

I did the heigh predictor and it states 5'1. LOL She seems to growing at a much faster rate than that, so I guess we will have to wait and see!

debbie said...

I got those kind of comments all the time. Why are you carrying that kid for? Well, because he is only 18 months old. And, then I would say, his father was a football player, because they would always say he was going to grow up to be one. I even had a teacher ask me in a very sneering voice why he was so much bigger than the other kids. People can be so rude.