Life is like a sandcastle something beautiful here for awhile & then gone, but the impression it makes on others can last forever.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Women In The Boat #7

I love to fish at the river, but you know there are no stalls to hid you when nature calls. Men don't have it as hard as women, and no one has it harder than a pregnant women on the water when nature calls. You getting the picture??

Can you pull to the bank so I can get out, I've got to go. Pregnancy = bathroom breaks times 5. Hurry just let me out. I climb out of the boat and I step, and the ground sinks in. Up to my knees, deep like quick sand. A trickle of green is coming from the bank, what had I gotten myself into. Cussing my husband, I made it out of the muck and took care of business. Pieces of jars, tires, hairbrushes, metal filled the cliff. OMG!!! I got out at the dump and guess what the company that dealt with acid, cyanide, and other chemical had contaminated that very area too. So people treated it as the dump years back.

UMMMM!! Green run off. The company had be fined years earlier and shut down, and moved over seas. Watch I may turn in to the Incredible Hulk Women. No seriously, it was terrible and I think there should have been more clean up effort in this area.

More on this later, but back to toilet and a boat. Later on, at gator ally I have to go again. I finally build my courage to go, and here comes some men in another boat. My butt shining, I don't think they saw. No I was ducking and moving fast.. My husband thinks I'm hard to handle in a boat, but he says I'm his best fishing partner. He better say that!!

Looking for a tree to hide behind. Y'all have a good day.