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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Easy Ghost Lanterns

 My son loves arts and crafts, so we are working on some Halloween projects. We are making decorations for a Halloween Party we are having. I thought what could be more cute than some Ghost Lanterns.

Here is what you need:
White Paper
2 Liter drink bottle
White Streamer paper
Tape string to hang it
1 battery candle
black marker
Cut a square opening in the back of the bottle big enough for candle to fit into. Use the tape & streamer paper to wrap top of the bottle. Draw ghost face on the white paper, then tape it to the bottle & trim off paper at bottom where the bottom can sit on a table. Go around the bottom add streamers to look like ghost is flying around. Add battery light and tye string at top to hang up.

Next, we going to try some pumpkins and going to try it with milk jugs, let you know how it goes.


Scented Leaf said...

Thanks for the idea! I will try to make one.

Prem Saisha said...

Hi,You have been awarded..

MamaNYC [Nicole H.] said...

What a great idea! I am going to give these a try!