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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What are you talking about?

Ain't it funny how children get an idea in their heads or say cute things. Just recently my 3 year old told us he didn't want that army to come in the door. ??? What was he talking about??? It's a mummy Halloween decoration.

Yesterday, my mom was helping him with his alphabet flash card and there was a picture of someone mopping the floor for M. She asked what are they doing he said, "they are knobbing the floor."

The sweetest thing he says, he calls his brother "my baby." Going through the grocery store he says, "I think we need to buy this for my baby." One day he says, "don't forget the little one's milk." At home I heard him say, " No my baby, don't do that it might hurt you." So sweet and loving brothers. They make my heart melt.


Samantha said...

so cute!!!
that's adorable!
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