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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cemetery Humor

You will seriously find this a little ironic.

Today I spent the day with my mom and the kids. We visited the cemetery where some of our friends are buried, one recently. Only 40 years old and he is a full time dad to a five year old daughter and her mother is not in the picture. It was so heart breaking to think of this child losing the main support and loving comfort that she had only known.

Well his mother was my mom's closest friend and I thought the world of her also. They were good people, love to cut up, laugh and joke.

Well I happened to look down and find a tool laying on the ground. The tool was a socket but, being out of mind and thought at the time from being at the cemetery I called it a nut. So, I continue to look at the ground and asked dumbly "Momma you reckon there are some nut laying out here." Momma starts to laugh and says I bet there are quite a few nut laying out here. So instead of total sadness we had a little Cemetery Humor:)


Kinsey said...

Haha, that's funny despite the reason for being there.

Peggy said...

Seeing Kinsey's comment-It reminds me of our mother/daughter exchange that made us laugh so hard not too long ago!
(She actually wrote a blog about it called ~Conversation With Mom~)
She was giving me a hard time about confusing CD and DVD's when referring to them, and she was explaining to me how to remember them because a DVD is a digital video disc..and I interrupted her by saying without thinking, " Uggh!Too many initials... why don't they just called it VD?"
She calmly said in return, "Because that would be venereal disease!"
We both just cracked up:)
Ohhh, I love a good laugh!!