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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Featured Friday 3 LATE

This week I'm running in behind but, I want to give recognition to 3 of my favorite blogs. Each week I will name 3 special sites to visit. These sites contain ladies of wisdom, tips, fun, content and old fashion hospitality I like to visit.

These 3 bloggers write with passion and their message flows like music. These sites are way beyond giveaways and advertisements. Following on facebook also, you will be glad you did.

Simply Stacie
Network Witches
I like it Frantic

That's this week 3 can't wait til next weeks Featured Friday 3


Simply Stacie said...

Aw thank you!!!!


I was immediately drawn to the title "I Like It Frantic." But the site was too busy for me. My brain is too ADD on its own; there were too many places to look, and my fragile little mind is already on overload. I just couldn't handle it, man! :)

Frantic Holly said...

Aww thank you for including me. I love visiting here too.