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Monday, May 24, 2010

Women in the Boat #6

SNAKES!! I don't like snakes or alligators for that matter. I can tolerate if they stay on their side of the pond or river. Some times that is no the case. Riding down the river husband says "do you want to fish over there?" The truth is yeah I like to but, I don't like to be the one to tie to the limbs. On numerous occasions your greeted with a big mouth! Yes, a big mouth COTTON MOUTH MOCCASIN. Mouth flared and fangs ready to show you who the boss is. My response certainly Mr. Snake let me out of you way.

One of the first time I experienced this my head was inches away from this mad snake and certainly drop down in the boat. This snake hanging there in the limb 5 foot above the water. Snake do climb.. Honey you need to bring some anchors, but yet I still get stuck with the rope to tie. There is nothing like a snake in your face to get the blood flowing.


One Southern Girl said...

I think my reaction would be the same... if not worse! {shivers}

Dee said...

I can't stand snakes either!! I even have dreams about them!

I remember when I was little we were in the water and a snake came swimming towards us..AHHH

Anonymous said...

I don't mine snakes but those water moccasins are my least favorite...okay, but you had fun right? Hey, this is the beginning of summer and all the fun and fright that goes with it - so get use to it. Smiles.

Peggy said...

I hate snakes too...when I was little I was helping my brothers dig for worms so we could go fishing, and as I reached down to grab a big juicy worm, I realized it was a baby snake!! That did it for me for the rest of my life:)
I also hate mice,(maybe you read my blog in April called "Just a Little Mouse.") Yikes!!!