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Friday, May 21, 2010

Featured Friday 3

I want to give recognition to 3 of my favorite blogs. Each week I will name 3 special sites to visit. These sites contain ladies of wisdom, tips, fun, content and old fashion hospitality I like to visit.

Bridgette @ Groschen Goblins - I love to visit her site, she has always been very nice and great networking. Her site has grown fast and it's due to her wonderful personality and hard work since starting her site in January.

Amanda @ My Life with Rats and More - Amanda has pet rats and you never know what she will write about next, just recently she share some of her creative talents with us from pottery, sculpture, & more. Stop by and enjoy her site.

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our life - Cindy spills over with creativity from designing onesies, to her talented photography skills of her beautiful daughter. I love her blog header:)

That's this week 3 can't wait til next weeks Featured Friday 3


joeandbridge said...

Holy Moly! Thanks so much! It's my birthday today too! What a nice gift! I don't know what else to say except that I'm glad you like my blog!

Groschen Goblins

Amanda Tempel said...

Oh wow!

Thanks so much, sorry I didn't get here right on Friday, but wow.

Thats so wonderful of you!
I am so happy I was featured :)

Take care.

-Amanda T

Carolee Hollenback said...

Congrats, everyone!