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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's terrible for parents to watch there little one have shots. Yesterday, I took my boys to the doctor and they are doing great both in the 95 percentile for their age. It was time for the immunization shots for Matt.

I personally hold off their my baby immunization to the last possible minute to give it to them. The truth is I'm scared what is being pumped into their bodies and I scared not to give it to them. Waiting to the last minute especially for the MMR Shot. You've probably heard all the stories over this shot and the controversy for the Autism related cases they claim it brings on. Does anyone know for sure? No, but I still worried and I'm worrying about Matt taking this one. It will be due in a few months.

I waited as long as I could to give it to CC, hoping his little body could handle it better with more age. The night he took that shot his fever shot up sky high, unlike any of the other immunizations. I kept packing him full of Tylenol and wrapped him up real warm. I'd never been so scared. Eventually the fever broke and for two days after I had to keep giving him medication to keep it down. I think one of the biggest concerns is keeping the fever down as, fever can fry your brain and kill you.

Now with all the medication recalls you worry about this too. Children are left sore, gruchy, feverish, and confussed. Vaccination are scary for parent and child, there are so many what ifs.


Peggy said...

I know, the claims are so confusing-you don't know who to believe anymore. The Today show just had the Dr. on that first came out saying it causes autism...evidently he has now lost his license to practice because his claims are supposedly unfounded....???
Hope your little guy is ok, those fevers are really scarey.

debbie said...

Right now there is no proven link between vaccines and autism. The original doctor that said it admitted he made it up years ago. Here is just a quick story of it.
Meanwhile, there have been serious outbreaks of measles and mumps because parents aren't vaccinating their children.
For the record, I do have a son on the autism spectrum. I have gotten him vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The shot are had on me. I am glad there are others that say," Yes, ma'am. My early comments were so anti ma'am.

Lindsey said...

Oh man...I totally feel ya. Its such a hard decision!


We delay vaccines too. My 2 1/2 year old has only had the DTap and HIB. We really have to get her caught up, but we're planning to wait until she's 3 for the MMR.

Cari said...

I won't get into the autism link as it usually results in me getting yelled at and called names..but anywho. Shots are scary. My daughter screams and screams and kills me. The only shot we won't do is the chicken pox. I'd rather her get that naturally.