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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Women in the Boat #5

We went fishing this weekend. Had lots of fun together an caught some Perch and Brim. I was just wondering what every ones fish bait preference is?

My favorite bait is a white curly tail jig, "I love casting out to the bank under that perfect tree, mossy edge, or next to a stump. All in hopes of the water whirl and a bass to hit. No bass today but, the White Perch and Brim have been hit my little jig pretty good.

Now with catfish in a pond I go with chicken liver, shrimp, or worms. I found some ponds the fish won't touch liver and another where they prefer liver. Weird how ponds are so different with the fish's taste.

All this fishing going on with my 3yr old in the boat. So, in between ducking so his jig isn't taking out my eye. A moccasin heading toward us, a little turtle popping up around us, ducks flying over, 2 squirrels play in the tree and the smell of honeysuckle in the breeze today was a beautiful day. The boat is still hooked up might go tomorrow too!:) Hope Everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

sounds like a perfect weekend...

Felicia said...

We don't have a favorite bait.. well.. actually my husband probably does! I think it just depends on what you are trying to catch.